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Owning property is only a part of the journey. What many people don’t realise is that a great deal of time, effort, and industry expertise is required if you want to make more money from your accommodation units.

Doing this alone is particularly tough (especially if you’re a first-timer) - which is why we’ve designed the perfect solutions for property owners, just like you. Whether you opt for Luke Stays’ Property Management solution or an 8-year Rent Guarantee, you’re guaranteed more profit and ultimate peace of mind.

Property Management

from 16% VAT of gross revenue

Increase your rental income by 30% on average

Flexible contract with limited tie ins

Daily pricing to capture demand

Access to our professional traveler network

Unlimited owner bookings

Cleaning, linen and maintenance handled

Marketing budget applied to your listing

Hands free and ZERO hassle

Long Term Property Management

(Dubai Only) 5%+ VAT of the Annual Rental

Find a reliable tenant for your property

Expert property marketing & advertising

Exposure to all major property portals

Ensure all cheques are paid

Resolve any maintenance issues

Tenant app for easy communication

Landlord app for transparent reporting

Guaranteed Rent

Up to 8 years Rent With No Voids

Up to 8 years rent guaranteed

No voids for up to 8 years

Completely hands free and ZERO hassle

Running costs are our responsibility

Fixed term contract

We pay to upgrade your property

Complete peace of mind

The best tenant you will ever find

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Our Property Management Solutions

Whether you’re a risk averse landlord who’s simply looking for guaranteed rent, or you’re interested in exploring how much monthly revenue your property can make as serviced accommodation or holiday home, our dedicated team will work with you and reduce the day-to-day stress of being a landlord.

Guaranteed Rent for up to 8 Years

The biggest issue for landlords like you is finding reliable long-term tenants, who will look after your property and pay rent on time.

But when you rent your property to Luke Stays, we become “your best ever tenant” by guaranteeing rent for up to 8 years - as well as professionally cleaning your property every week, seeing to small damages and maintenance work, and managing refurbishments when need be.

We’re looking to hold onto properties long-term, as it helps us turn a profit with guests too. Knowing that it’s also in our best interest to maintain an ongoing relationship with you, will give you that ultimate peace of mind about renting your property to us, and not needing to worry about it for years! Sounds like landlord paradise, doesn’t it?

No void periods

No lost time due to property turnovers

No hefty eviction costs and stress - because of bad tenants

No viewings

No end-of-tenancy refurbishment

No tenant finders fee

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Ultimate peace of mind and a fixed rate rent (guaranteed) for up to 8 years

Increase Your Rental Income x4 Times with Airbnb Property Management

The serviced accommodation industry is booming; and if you’re a landlord with an appetite to make more money, we can manage your property for you using the Airbnb/ serviced accommodation model - and maybe even quadruple your monthly income, all for a small monthly management fee!

For the lowest fees on the market, you can rent your property to Luke Stays and we’ll:

List your property on the Luke Stays booking channels and other platforms, keeping in mind peak seasons, descriptions, dynamic pricing, and your guest avatar.

Manage the entire booking process and stay - while also managing the condition of your property (only including small repairs, fixes, and aesthetics).

Recruit the best and most reliable cleaners to keep your property 100% maintained and in the highest condition.

Design your property with our expert designers, ensuring your property remains industry compliant and attracts bookings all-year round to maximise your rental revenue.

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Reduce the day-to-day stress of being a landlord.

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